I-SEC is a specialist in advanced civil aviation security

In Italy, we have been active since June 2012 as part of I-SEC International Security B.V. Meanwhile, I-SEC Italia Services s.r.l. employs more than 80 trained professionals who provide customized security services and products.

Within I-SEC Italia Services s.r.l., the customer is always the center of our attention:

  • We are at your service, 24 by 7
  • Fast: Because of our flat organizational structure, we are able to respond swiftly and efficiently to any situation and request
  • Customized: A wide offering of services and products, tailored towards your requirements
  • Continuous quality: We regularly conduct audits in order to maintain top quality and drive improvement
  • Reliable: I-SEC Italia Services s.r.l. only works with proven methods and people with impeccable character/ behavior
  • Competent: Through our leading edge training courses, we not only train our own staff, but also personnel of other security providers