Meeting present and future challenges of our clients

I-SEC will continue its longstanding tradition of maintaining a high level of professionalism, dedication to clients, and ongoing development of cost-effective security solutions designed to continuously meet present and future challenges of our clients.

At I-SEC Italia Services s.r.l., the Management Team is responsible for the compliancy with our values and ensuring that our everyday high standards are met.

Barbara joined I-SEC as a Country Manager in June 2012 to start the Italian operations.

She is involved to support the Italian growing market and develop the customer relations. Previously, Barbara held the Technical Director position of other security companies. Prior to starting her security career she worked over 20 years in various international airlines in senior positions.

Maria joined I-Sec Italia in September 2018. Her career  began in 2006 after earning a degree finance and auditing. She was employed  as an auditor at the Bank of Moscow (Russia) and assistant to the Vice President  of stocks at the same bank. After 6 years of service with the company, Maria later collaborated with an important italian bank for another four years as an assistant of Chief Accountant.  Currently,  in I-SEC, Maria is responsible for Administrative Management of the Italian Market.