More than 2 decades worldwide experience in Aviation Security

With over 20 years of worldwide experience in aviation security, I-SEC is your first line of defense when it comes to screening passengers, hand luggage and hold baggage.

We provide skilled security agents to carry out these tasks at your airport. These professionals ensure smooth passenger and baggage flow while performing on a high security level.


Passenger and hand baggage screening

We know that our security agents are your airportʼs representatives. There is a fine line between maintaining high-level security and making passengers feel like valued customers. I-SEC security agents are trained to perform thorough security screening while keeping passenger interference to a minimum. At I-SEC, we believe the key to an efficient and professional operation is highly motivated personnel. We focus our resources on achieving and maintaining this goal. We are committed to 100% staffing, highly security-minded personnel, agreed passenger flow rates and passenger satisfaction.

  • Security agents trained above and beyond mandatory requirements
  • Trained in behavioural observation to spot suspicious passengers
  • Trained in hospitality to ensure strict but friendly service
  • Travellers treated as customers rather than passengers
  • Comprehensive recruitment and HR policies to achieve high motivation
  • Efficient planning for optimized use of personnel and 100% delivery
  • Focused on performance and cost-effective operations
  • Quality monitoring and supervision with regular security tests and drills