Local Management

Barbara Sarfatti

Barbara Sarfatti - Country Manager

Barbara joined I-SEC as a Country Manager in June 2012 to start the Italian operations.

She is involved to support the Italian growing market and develop the customer relations. Previously, Barbara held the Technical Director position of other security companies. Prior to starting her security career she worked over 20 years in various international airlines in senior positions.

Gloria Silvestri

Gloria Silvestri - Operations Manager

Gloria joined I-SEC in 2012 as Security Agent and as Security Coordinator; her duties covered profiling, screening and shift organization. She is also Ground Security Coordinator for American Airlines.

In September 2014 Gloria became Operation Manager for Italy. She coordinates and works together with the Duty Managers in order to achieve the I-SEC quality targets, making sure that our clients' specific needs both for security and customer care services are in accordance with the integrated service philosophy.

Elena Maffei

Elena Maffei - Security Duty Manager

Elena Maffei joined I-Sec Italy in August 2012 as Security Supervisor. Elena started in Malpensa Airport since 2005 as security agent with several security companies. Her tasks were related to baggage reconciliation, aircraft guarding, access control, aircraft search, catering security, pre-flight inspection of passengers and carry-on baggage, UK Immigration document check, cargo goods X-Ray and ETDS screening. She's now working as Ground Security Coordinator and International Security Coordinator. She is also responsible for shifts planning of the Company in Malpensa.

Monica Bernard

Monica Bernard - Office Manager

Monica Bernard joined I-SEC Italia in June 2012. She started her career in ICTS as a Security Agent in 2006 and move forward with several Security Companies in Malpensa Airport. She also acquired administrative experience cooperating with a Logistic and Handling Company in Cargo City. She is nowadays responsible for the Administrative Management of the Italian Market.